Meet the Team

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Photo by Kirsten Chilstrom

Lady Ballerzz is an open community in NYC for women that love to ball. It’s a basketball practice based workout where we learn the fundamentals of the game, gain a great workout while meeting new friends. No skill is ever required, we just want you to come and have fun!


Meat Dani-

Dani has been a model for 12 years and now added community managing to her resume for her side "hustle." She is a certified health coach and founder of Lady Ballerzz. Dani is also very active in the health and wellness community organizing various events in NYC and Canada.


Meet Ari-

Ari has been a model and actress for 9 years before venturing into sports journalism. She is heavily involved in the NCAAW and WNBA stepping into roles including, but not limited to, hosting, reporting and contributing. Ari has also been involved in NBA and NHL entertainment.